Métis - Private Network of Remote Consultants


Metis Collective


01 May 2018


The client was looking for a simple and elegant solution to connect and engage its remote teams of independent consultants. The ideal solution would serve as the definitive hub for Metis Collective’s members when forming project teams, planning studies, and exchanging relevant communications.


After mapping out the project journey for a typical user and exploring the client’s needs and current pain points with existing solutions available on the market, SageDom, in close consultation with the client, proposed and created a custom solution that facilitates greater collaboration, increases productivity and improves efficiency for the collective.


An iOS mobile app that helps the users identify and connect with team members based on skill-level and availability. A system for sending, receiving, and archiving messages tied to the projects. A digital workspace for creating and organizing project folders. And, a custom calendar to schedule tasks and track progress.